Stock Market Research

Money Mantra Research

Money mantras effort is comprehensive and intensive. Our Team of Analysts are grouped into specialists covering Asset classes as well as the industry sectors. Analysts are individually responsible for monitoring the progress of securities within their asset class or sector using first hand as well as external sources of information.

Each year our analysts log thousands of miles interviewing corporate executives, observing production methods and conferring with competitors, suppliers, lenders and large customers of the companies under analysis. Our analysts, regularly meet with Govt. officials, economists, industry specialists.

The quality and the experience of our research professionals, together with our resources and contacts, give us the opportunity to gather insights ahead of other market participants. We try and recommend companies whose future appears to be better than what is perceived by the market.

We try and detect change before it becomes apparent to others. We take a long hard look at each company from many angles - potential for its products and services, its management track record, its financial strengths and its anticipated future stream of earnings.

We believe that the depth and emphasis of our research allows us to provide the best possible recommendations for our clients.

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