Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Money Mnatra,is the place where an experienced and professional advice is provided to clients on investing in Equity market with the focus of growing ones money at an appreciable rate.

Short, Medium and long term investors get the power of professional analysis to your portfolio and see it grow gradually. Now you do not have to worry about your portfolio as we are not a broker nor a trader nor a party to the profit or loss. We at Money Mantra follow each of your scrip’s and recommend Buy, Sell, Hold, Add, Exit in Real-time. The client is advised in real-time via SMS OR Mobile as and when there is an action to be taken. You can benefit from fundamental picks, technical breakouts or news based movements. We are your Advisors giving you an unbiased review focusing our strengths on analysis and research assuring you to beat the benchmark index (Nifty) return by a fair margin. 

Salient Features of the scheme as under: 

1. Investment in Equity Market require a reasonable care and cautious and skill. We advise only great companies at a good price and good companies at a great price looking to Value of the Company, Management, Product, Strong Balance Sheet, Earning Growth, Fundamental, Capabilities of the Management, Past record of the company and Market condition.

2. We never recommend to low volume stocks, cheap stocks. Because they are always cheap. (specially we never recommend BSE listed T and Z Group stocks) 

We enter but not too early, we buy small companies looking to potential and expected making a MULTI BAGGER as well as fundamental improving. 

3. On a advise from our Portfolio Manager, you require to buy/sell at your end and hold the same in your account, but you must inform same day your position through mail/phone.


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