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Money Mantra was founded  to provide knowledge-driven financial services.The founders Sushil Kumar Dhanuka , Alka Dhanuka and Akash Dhanuka are renowned people in the field of investment, stock market and taxation Shaped by one of the most turbulent economies anywhere in the world, Money Mantra has gained knowledge and experience far beyond its age.

Being privately owned by professionals contributes to an exceptionally high level of commitment to excellence in client service. We are proud of the fact that almost all the key decision makers who have joined us over the last 3 years are still with us. Our partnership approach is unique in the Indian context.

It has withstood the test of times Money Mantra has demonstrated remarkable resilience in maintaining its leadership in a market characterized by tumultuous upheavals amongst its participants.



Set and communicate goals in a participative manner
Progress by mentoring colleagues
Respect individual perceptions and styles
Exult in shared successes and support each other at all times
Recognize and reward individual and collective accomplishments.


At MONEY MANTRA, our endeavour is to
Set the highest standards of personal and professional ethics in all aspects of our lives.
Be transparent at all times
Live by one’s convictions and have the courage to accept responsibility for mistakes.


At MONEY MANTRA, we seek excellence in
Understanding and analyzing business subtleties against global benchmarks
Innovating products and services
Using technology to add value to our work processes and client deliverables
Executing each activity of ours with skill and speed
Handling relationships with dignity, sensitivity and respect.


Our goal is to enhance value for our clients in a sustainable and comprehensive manner by
Anticipating and shaping the client requirements
Customizing our capabilities and range of services to meet the needs of our clients
Providing value-added advice and personalised service
Developing and maintaining long-term relationships.


We are one of India’s leading financial service providers reputed for our ability to perceive the true potential of businesses.

And enhance their value.

Our experience of evaluating businesses over the years has enabled us to optimally mobilize resources for our corporate and institutional clients. We also facilitate profitable deployment of resources for our individual and institutional investors.

Our people are intensely - and perpetually - client-focused. Clients in turn appreciate our knowledge, integrity, teamwork and quality of execution.

Welcome to MONEY MANTRA and its culture that is deeply rooted in ethics, innovation and financial sobriety.

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